Blueback review!

imageΒ imageTim Winton has a lot of good books but Blueback is off the chart! It’s about Abel finding a huge black shadow wanting to befriend him. He dives with it everyday. His mother gets to old to go Abolone fishing. Abel becomes a scientist and wants to learn the secret of the ocean.

On a mysterious day he finds out that the oceans sick. He goes home and pray for his dad to come alive and help him.

I rate this amazing book a 4 out of 5. With these descriptions who wouldn’t want to read it! I like a lot of the vivid descriptions he did but some weren’t that good but the story itself was mind blowing!

I think that Tim Winton isΒ trying to say keep on going and never give up. I recommend this book for 9 to 13 aged people. It was first published inΒ 31/08/2009

My Saucy Weekend

Joram! called dad it was the day the day of making tomato soup we do it once every year. Me and my sister come out of our bed and come out no breakfast and put rubber bands on the jars cut the tomatoes put celery and celery hair in it and finally put in basil we put the tomato quarters in and juice it. We put it into the jars and put lids on it we clip it and put it in the boiling containers and wait. After three whole days it’s out we did one hundred and two whole containers.