kcabhsalF Flashback

Wow it seems like it was 4 years ag… Wait It was 4 years ago that I started school.
Today we ran around the school looking for our favorite area when we first came to school I came in year 2.

The Rule Of ThirdsΒ click that link to get onto a big explanation on the rule of thirds have you read it AY don’t cheat read it here I will wait……………. Done? Good here are my photosΒ This is my favorite area now

This was when I was in year 2

AYE AYE We Found The Treasure

img_2100“AND GO” We sped out the door like a bullet and ran to the first orienteering control. Β Each of them have a number and it was really hard as you had to run around school and try to get every orienteering control clip punched on your recording card.

Did you know that first line was ‘Show don’t tell’ it uses descriptive words (verbs) to illustrate a picture in your mind! Leon (who was my partner) Was a really fast runner so I would read the map and he would run then we would swap ETC ETC we completed two maps both of them under 12:30 each map would have 12 Tags except for one it had 24!! We didn’t get to do that one though πŸ™

I booked book week (Get it?)


I Love BOOKS BOOKS are the key to doors… Wait DOORS? Oh yeah its book week. We have to put our favourite picture book on our door

heres our criteria: (at the bottom)


The criteria tells us how we can judge the door this one is my favourite: (at the top)

Discovering the discovery centre!

Unfortunately for me I had a program called GATEWAYS and that was on the same day as the discovery centre trip. So I had to choose GATEWAYS or Discoverey centre I chose GATEWAYS because I can only do this once and I can go to the discovery centre whenever I want to… so on Sunday I went to the discovery centre and let me tell you it’s AMAZING it has different experiments like gravity and it uses weird things like balls, vacuums and cameras? Its main attraction is the VERTICAL SLIDE dun dun dunnn sorry I had to. It uses GRAVITY for you to fall and then the slide catches you and you fall and its scary you don’t touch anything for a split second and then it catches you and you feel like your stomach flipped itself UPSIDE DOWN!!

IMG_0926Β this is my experience on the slide (good music)

imageThis is me and I almost touched the ceiling (Enroll me golden state warriors)

Sci-Fi Smartey Pants πŸ‘½| Sci-Fi

imageI wonder what Sci Fi is?imageOMG WHAT IS SCI FI $#^!|


Alright Jeez Man calm your farm Sci Fi Is short for Science Fiction it is based around a genre of science like biology chemistry and audiology they use technology to either create the problem or solve the problem most stories use Aliens Time travel Futuristc things SPACE (Subnautica) but my story uses computers Wait I’m not gonna Spoil it for you guys!

Jumping High! | High Jump PE


Scissor Kick (Not soccer)


Scissor kick

This is the most basic to perform a scissor kick you run on the foot your used to and jump if your on the left side it’s your right foot if your on the right side then it’s your left foot (The one I chose) and then with the foot your not jumping with flick it up and jump arch your back and flick up your legs.

fosbury Flop

This technique is probably one I should use and it is easy yet very effective you run turn around and jump on one foot with your back arched.


Biography Of…. John Mcdouall Stuart!


John Mcdouall Stuart Was a Scottish explorer he is known for amazing Journeys and never losing a man on these trips!

John Led an Australian trip and crossed through the centre of Australia Amazing right? Well endless heat was in his way and bumpy tracks pushed him over like a rag doll while this happened he pushed through and finally made it.

In 1911 the Northern Territory was finally declared a territory while John Mcdouall explored that area he could not see his work evolve. A quote he belives in is “If this country is settled, it will be one of the finest colonies under the crown” After five worthless attemptents He tried again after endless heat a boulder load of trouble he finally trekked through the dry baron hot bare land one thousand pound reward was in arms length all he had to do was claim it in AUD its 1918 Dollars in australian!

Places named after this amazing person

Stuart Highway (it goes in the same road the Mcdouall explored in)

Mcdouall Peak

Stuart street


John Mcdouall is remembered for his amazing efforts his last expedition he had beriberi and another disease he pushed himself to the very limits! We shall never forget him