About the legendary me.

Sooooo. Hi guys, Comin at you from my screen now you might’ve seen some of my other posts so here I am spicy as always and going to tell you 20 Amazing and Wonderful things about the legendary me!

1 I have an AUDITION TODAY for a movie.

2 I have been to WWE live in Australia and was a VIP!

3 I am a dancer it gives me so many opportunities and it’s very fun.

4 And yes I do ballet.

5 My favorite style of dancing is acrobatics and hip hop, both I am great at.

6 I used to play soccer I was known for it but my dancing was on the same day and it was the same time but I do dancing for three hours that day.

7 In total I do 11 and a half hours of dancing a week!

8 I LOVE Finn BalΓ²r best wrestler EVER!!

9 I have a YouTube channel!

10 I love downball and handball.

11 I LOVE hockey.

12 You should know I love WWE!!! Vince is god.

13 I am known as a bottle flipping master.

14 I love rocket league.

15 My favorite movie is fantastic beasts and where to find them.

16 I have met Kevin Owens former NXT champ and Universal champ.

17 I have also met Charrlotte Flair OMG RIGHT the first women’s champion.

18 I have also met Titus O’Neil a former Tag Team champ.

19 My favorite match is Kalisto vs Alberto Del Rio 2 out of 3 falls where SPOILERS Kalisto won the U.S title.

AND…20 the last one it is I actually have seen and patted my favorite wrestler! Finn BalΓ²r!

bonus! 21 I LOVE dance moms I watch it every day!