Wonder choose kind

Do you rather movies over books or books over movies well in the wonder category I can certainly say the book is so much better because the movie misses so much crucial details so here is my opinion (I have a sheet to fill out)

What is your overall evaluation of this book. Absolutely amazing I recommend this book to people who like big books and the book just makes you want to go to the next page.

Why do you think we read this book. Because it teaches us to look at each other differently not to look on the outside but rather the inside

How would I rate these categories based off the movie. Action good because of Jack and Julian’s fight and the year 7s Interest movie wise down the drain originality it’s very easy to see how it’s going to end with the buildup and everything. Character development this was actually not bad the changing of friendship was not bad that has my ramen approved.

Describe a part of this book you identified with or tell how this book relates to me so I think I will choose identified because I remember when my fish died it was really sad and when the dog died I felt the pain Auggie was going through.

Pros and cons of the book a big pro for me was it explains everything and it makes you want to read more a con for me is the little paintings were it has one eye on the person I find that weird

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