Jumping High! | High Jump PE


Scissor Kick (Not soccer)


Scissor kick

This is the most basic to perform a scissor kick you run on the foot your used to and jump if your on the left side it’s your right foot if your on the right side then it’s your left foot (The one I chose) and then with the foot your not jumping with flick it up and jump arch your back and flick up your legs.

fosbury Flop

This technique is probably one I should use and it is easy yet very effective you run turn around and jump on one foot with your back arched.


One thought on “Jumping High! | High Jump PE

  1. Hi Joram
    I like the idea you used for your post…
    But the title doesn’t make sense and it is soooooooooooooooooooooooo boring. No sizzling start. No descriptive words. Maybe add more descriptive words and a ss like
    High jump. A olimpic avent that takes strength and speed. And so on

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