Wonder choose kind

Do you rather movies over books or books over movies well in the wonder category I can certainly say the book is so much better because the movie misses so much crucial details so here is my opinion (I have a sheet to fill out)

What is your overall evaluation of this book. Absolutely amazing I recommend this book to people who like big books and the book just makes you want to go to the next page.

Why do you think we read this book. Because it teaches us to look at each other differently not to look on the outside but rather the inside

How would I rate these categories based off the movie. Action good because of Jack and Julian’s fight and the year 7s Interest movie wise down the drain originality it’s very easy to see how it’s going to end with the buildup and everything. Character development this was actually not bad the changing of friendship was not bad that has my ramen approved.

Describe a part of this book you identified with or tell how this book relates to me so I think I will choose identified because I remember when my fish died it was really sad and when the dog died I felt the pain Auggie was going through.

Pros and cons of the book a big pro for me was it explains everything and it makes you want to read more a con for me is the little paintings were it has one eye on the person I find that weird

Health Diary

So we have done a diary about our health it would include our mental, spiritual, physical and social activities so here is mine I didn’t set goals unfortunately but I shall now I feel like my social activity could use a bit of help so I am going to a friends party but I don’t really know them so I will make friends there

Me in a minute

So we have this thing that we do where we do fitness activities for a minute so these are the activities we do:

distance around the oval 225M-264M

sit ups 40-68

push ups 24-40

skips 81-126

train track jumps 130-140

hoops 1-2

balls in target 5-9

bouncing on a racket 84-87

star jumps80-89

balncing on right leg 60-60

balncing on left leg 60-60

squats 63-84

burpees 25-36

wall sit 60-60

The numbers to the left were my first attempt the numbers on the right were the 2nd attempt.


Where is the place you have seen that has the most cultures, for me it’s easily Melbourne. If you’re Australian then you feel left out, so we took a waltz around Melbourne. Here is the amazing places we went to: Birrarung Wilam river camp, Birrarung Marr, Enterprise Park, Vic market, Bourke street, sandridge bridge, Federation square, Arts center Melbourne, Lonsdale street and national gallery of Victoria. There were some things that I enjoyed which is: the walking, delicious food, the smell in the meat hall made my mouth water, rolling down a steep hill and climbing some cool rocks there were somethings I didn’t like: we didn’t do as much walking as I hoped for, angry strangers, not buying stuff, not much food, not going to Chinatown  and not having donuts >:( and there was very interesting things: A HUGE eel, the food in the meat hall (Lamb brain, pigs head to name a few) squids and seafood, a lot of people, school ditchers (don’t do school for the day) new fruits (Custard Apple) aboriginal shields and the mysterious notebook. And there were some Global Connections: Asian food, Polish food, German food, Greek food and Italian food.IMG_3257-1yeducy


So… Today we had an election and we stood for (drum roll) extra specialists who would know (sarcasm) so anyway just wondering do you have kitchen garden or something where a day a week you make food or learn how a plant is formed or you do gardening just our school oh ok but anyway we also stood for kitchen garden but instead of making healthy stuff we also make complex unhealthy stuff sounds good? Well the year 4s started I always attracted people to us we got good votes we thought these people were also in our group me, Nathan, Charlotte, Mika.

Information report on Lucette Aldous

I did an information report on a ballet dancer! Her name was Lucette Aldous (its like Lucy the name) I think she possess the Australian quality of hard work and persistence because you have to be extremely strong to pursue dance and persistence because if you don’t get a good second of plié or sauté in fifth she would need to practice.





My question is what was dancing like in her time I




20170513-121756.jpg Finally we finished our class novel the night they stormed eureka! these contain spoilers. These were my predictions and definitions of things. A question that I was left wondering about was “Drumroll please” what happened to GEORGE!! (Spoilers) his mother had consumption but it doesn’t say that she died Soooooooooo…….